“We want to bring our contribution to a healthier world and looking  for an inspiration to our friends – bees. The result is the project Apis Alba, which in translation stands for white bee – a symbol of pure intentions of the company’s founders.”

Olga & Alex Gavrilik
Founders & CEO
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    Healthy & delicious

    The soft texture of this honey is achieved by whipping raw honey at a reduced temperature, so that all bioactive substances and vitamins are preserved in the product. Moreover, we add extra health benefits to whipped honey — ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon, wild berries, cocoa, and hazelnuts — making the taste of the Apis Alba whipped honey truly unforgettable!



    Functional benefits of propolis

    We make propolis consumption convenient and understandable. PCF (Propolis Concentration Factor) is a simple indicator telling you which honey you need depending on the functional effect you want to have. You get all the super effects of propolis in a convenient and delicious form.

  • RAW 624

    RAW 624 (3)

    Unheated & unfiltered raw honey

    The RAW 624 honey comes straight from the hive, with no additional processing. We do not treat honey to any temperatures above that of the human body, we do not apply ultrafiltration. Why not? The fact is that only unheated, unfiltered honey retains high enzyme strength, vitamins, amino acids, pollen and other bee products.

  • BEE POLLEN & honey

    BEE POLLEN & honey (2)

    Bee pollen is the most nutritious thing in a beehive.

    Pollen is an excellent source of protein and energy for the whole day. Ten vitamins (B vitamins are especially important), 28 minerals and ten free form amino acids constitute fuel for your body and your brain. Eat pollen directly from the can or mix it with honey.


What our clients say

I was happy to know that I could get this amazing organic honey in my area! This is just great what you guys do. My kids love the honey, and we are using your site to learn about healthy recipes that include all sorts of it!

Martin Moore

What can I say? It's perfect! It's everything I needed and more - all wrapped up in one excellent expereince. Thank you for doing your job right, you sure know how to make a customer feel special. Keep up the great work.

Melissa Fray

Your staff has been treating me with maximum care, thank you. I enjoyed the experience of working with you all very much. All questions were answered in time, and I felt that you guys pay attention to every detail.

John stevens